Reed thatcher Lonsing from Niedersachsen in Schneverdingen

The company Reed thatcher Lonsing e.K. can be reached by phone under 05193/7213 or by fax 05193/975948

Welcome to the Reed thatcher Lonsing e.K.

Reed thatcher Lonsing
Company Reed thatcher Lonsing e.K.

Your Reed Roofing Lonsing e.K. from Schneverdingen in the Heidekreis is still reachable for its customers.
The Reetdachdeckerei Lonsing company will soon be located under this Internet address.
Reed thatcher Lonsing - Your Reed-Thatcher from Niedersachsen in Schneverdingen.

Our services / your advantages

Reet disposal

- National order processing
- Individual advice
- Safe planning and execution
- Expertly executed flawlessly
- Reet free of chemical additives
- Available at any time
- Extensive own vehicle fleet

A thatched roof of Reed thatcher Lonsing is

Reet roof houses properly maintain and wait
Old again again, iron house and pit house in the NAKUBI Grafhorn

The traditional Heidekrautfirst has its origin in the Lower Saxony heathland region.
The heather herb lasts about ten years, but it must be 'stuffed', because the herb collapses..

Maintain and service thatched roof houses properly

Thatched natural stone fountain
Revised the teahouse in the Berlin Tiergarten

Because reed roofs are exposed to the environmental influences, the reet should receive a basic cleaning as needed. This serves the longevity of the reet and the preservation of the value. The roof of leaves, moss and algae should be cleared when cleaning your thatched roof, the thatched roof can then dry again. A control of the reed roof on mold and minor repairs are just as important and belong to the care as the application of a biocide.

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Roofer guild
Member of the roofer guild Soltau-Fallingbostel and the Kreishandwerkschaft L√ľneburger Heide